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When only seven years old and walking on a dirt road in Arkansas; the Arch Angel Gabriel appeared to Bob Jones on a white horse and blew a double silver trumpet in his face. He then threw an old bull skin mantle at Bob’s feet. Although fearful at the time he ran, however, many years later he returned to pick up that old mantle which is that of a Seer Prophet.

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A. Daughters of the Dawn Ministry to Women
B. Did You Learn To LOVE Prophetic Mandate
C. Preserving Bob’s Prophetic Legacy

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Bob Jones experienced death and stood before the Lord in heaven. Awaiting entrance into the heart of Jesus, Bob heard the Lord asking the same question to every person ahead of him. Bob said, “In death the only question the Lord will ask you is, “Did you learn to Love?” Its the most important question you will give account of before the Lord.

“The King Is Coming” Conference

25 years of Ministry


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Bonnie answered the call of salvation at eleven years of age. Forty years later, she heard the voice of God calling her into full-time ministry.


Bob and Bonnie married in the spring of 2006 and traveled extensively throughout the United States until Bob’s health declined.

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