2011 Shepherd’s Rod


The Shepherd’s Rod 2011 prophetically outlines what God is doing beginning in 2011. Topics include “The Kingdom Is Coming,” “Mature Fathers and Mothers,” “Imparting Gifts,” “The Faith of Abraham,” “Dread Champions of the Past,” “The Army of God,” “The Number 12”, “Year of the Lion,” “Love,” “Changing of the Guard,” “Psalm 111” and more.

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For many years, Bob Jones received valuable revelations outlining activities of the Holy Spirit for the seasons ahead. These insights have historically proven to be accurate and strategic blueprints for spiritual emphasis and preparation. Since Bob’s homegoing in 2014, Bonnie Jones carries forth Bob’s legacy as she continues to write the annual Shepherd’s Rod. Each year on the Day of Atonement, she receives revelation that is pertinent to the body of Christ for the upcoming season and continuing forward. Bonnie’s son, Lyn Kost, also writes prophetically, sharing revelation and insight in addition to providing the book’s prophetic cover artwork.

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