2008 Shepherd’s Rod


The Shepherd’s Rod 2008 Bob Jones prophetically outlines what God is doing beginning this year.
Subjects covered include “Breakthrough with The Young,” “The Visitation,” “Joy Unspeakable
and Full Of Glory”, “Panel Of Seven Judges,” “The Living Word,” “The Number Seven,” “A
Harvest Of Prophets”, “Embracing Our Opportunities,” “The Emerging Modern Day Ruth’s,” and

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Every year on Yom Kippur, Bob Jones received valuable revelations outlining activities of the Holy
Spirit for the seasons ahead. During the years 1995 – 2008, Paul Keith Davis co-labored with Bob
to produce Bob’s “Day of Atonement” experiences, Davis also adding his insight and revelation.
All Shepherd Rod Books from 1995 through 2007 are available on Kindle “only” for $4.50.