Bonnie speaks the word in Spirit and truth…

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Through love, delivering a much-needed message for the current times. Through her passion for the Lord and quick wit, she delivers a power-packed punch that drives home truth. She continues to expand on her late husband, Bob Jones, message, Did you learn to love? As she reveals the heart of the Father for the harvest.

Through Daughters of the Dawn, Bonnie is awakening women to their full potential in Christ and equipping the Bride for the end-time harvest. Her passion is to see everyone come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and teach them how to dwell in His presence, utilize the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and live in demonstration of His power and might.

Bonnie Jones has written several books, including 15 Shepherd’s Rods, Fruit of the Spirit, Above the Snake line, 341, The Power of the Spoken Word, and Did You Learn to Love.

More About Bonnie


Bonnie answered the call of salvation at eleven years of age. Forty years later, she heard the voice of God calling her into full-time ministry. She abandoned herself unto Him, resigned from her job the next day, and enrolled at MorningStar School of Ministry. After one year, the Lord sent her out in the wilderness to be taught by the Holy Spirit. It was a journey of faith by the highest standards consisting of fasting, prayer, communion, hearing His voice, and most importantly, spending time in His presence. Bonnie learned how to always be content in all things. She contends, If I have Jesus, I don’t need anything else. He is my sustenance, my All in all.

Over the next four years, the Lord sent her on many spiritual journeys while learning His voice, His ways, and His will. She learned that no person could teach her the depth of understanding gained just by being in the presence of the Lord, totally abandoned unto Him. In the fall of 2005, she met Bob Jones at MorningStar. Bonnie said, I can’t say it was love at first sight. I was in love with Jesus and that’s that! But Holy Spirit had already prepared our hearts, first in obedience, then in love. The Lord told Bob that He wanted him to live and carry on with ministry, and the woman He prepared would help him, and she would take care of him.


Bob and Bonnie married in the spring of 2006 and traveled extensively throughout the United States until Bob’s health declined. Bonnie was always at his side during ministry because Bob felt it was necessary for the body of Christ to see women coming alongside their husbands. They were an amazing team. Bob was never shy on revelation, and Bonnie’s quick wit always broke the ice. Although he was twenty years her senior, you would never know it. They were like two youngsters in love, and you could tangibly feel their love.

With Bonnie at his side, Bob Jones went home to be with the Lord on Valentine’s Day 2014. She said Bob was wearing a beautiful smile, and the glory of the Lord shone on his face. He was finally with his first love. One of the last things Bob told Bonnie was, I took the body of Christ as far as I could; now you take it on in.

Since Bob’s departure, Bonnie continues to expand on his message, Did you learn to love? as she reveals the heart of the Father for the harvest. She is also very instrumental in raising up and releasing women into their destiny through Daughters of the Dawn ministry because it’s time for women to arise and shine! Bonnie is a loving mother, devoted grandmother, and loyal friend. She loves spending time with family and friends.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Bonnie Jones Ministries

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Bob Jones Legacy

When Bob Jones was seven years old and walking on a dirt road in Arkansas, the archangel Gabriel appeared to Bob. Coming out of heaven on a white horse, he blew a double silver trumpet in his face and threw an old bull skin mantle at Bob’s feet. Fearful at the time, a young Bob Jones ran home and hid. Many years later, Bob returned to pick up that old mantle of a Seer Prophet.

Bob Jones was known as a contemporary prophet with a great love for the Lord Jesus and His truth. Bob’s prophecies spanned over four decades as the Lord enabled him to foretell earthquakes, tidal waves, comets, and weather patterns. Just like the Prophet Daniel, who functioned at an incredible level, Bob would tell leaders their dreams and experiences and give them their interpretation. Bob moved with a very clear revelatory gift, accompanied by gifts of healing and miracles.

After his death experience in 1975, God sent him back to minister to church leadership, reaching the multitudes with His love for the truth and equipping the saints with an understanding of the spiritual gifts. God promised Bob that he would live to see the beginning of one billion souls coming into the kingdom in one great wave of the end-time harvest.

Did You Learn To Love

On August 8, 1975, Bob Jones died and stood before the Lord Jesus in heaven. As he drew nearer to Him, Bob would hear the Lord ask each person ahead of him one question, Did you learn to love? Then the Lord would kiss them, and they would enter His heart. When it was Bob’s turn the Lord held out His hand and said, The devil killed you before your time. Then He asked Bob to go back but he did not want to. The Lord told Bob to look at the other line and how all the people in that line we’re going into eternal darkness. They were wrapped in the thing they worshipped in place of Him. Some were wrapped in money while others heads we’re hanging out of a whiskey or beer bottle. This grieved Bob’s heart and he agreed to go back. The Lord said he wanted Bob to reach the leaders of the church and train and equip the body in spiritual gifts. He told Bob he would live to see the beginning of a billion-soul harvest, mostly youth.

For the remainder of Bob’s life, he brought a message of hope for the end-time army of God and the message that rings out to all humanity for all eternity, Did you learn to Love? Love is a person named Jesus! Did you learn to become like Him?

Daughters of the Dawn

Daughters of the Dawn is a powerful movement that will raise up leaders led by the Holy Spirit of Truth who will not compromise. Once the veil is lifted over her face, the bride’s beauty of holiness will shine forth, and the Lord will be glorified through her.


It’s the dawning of a new day as the Bridegroom lifts the veil over His Bride’s face so she will behold Him face to face. He’s coming to His Bride before He comes for her. And like the Shulamite in Song of Solomon, she’s waiting breathlessly for her Beloved’s kiss. A Daughter of the Dawn will be so in love with her Beloved that the enemy cannot restrain her. Love will motivate her every move and boldly direct her every word. The Bride will do nothing apart from her Beloved.